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We create a Custom Video and Website Content

for Your Business on the

Top 5 Reasons to do Business with You


Brand Booster



VIDEO: Top 5 Reasons to do Business with You. (SAMPLE)

Brand Booster generates content and a video with the Top 5 Reasons To Do Business with Your Company. Our services will set your company apart and will highlight your company’s niches and advantages. We write five (5) blog articles which include:

Content Generation

#1 Top 5 reasons to do business with us!
#2 Promotions/customer loyalty overview
#3 Get to know us better!
#4 What makes us different!
#5 Our customers love us!( Summary of 5 reviews)

Each article will also contain the following SEO characteristics to assist with increasing your online presence.
















In addition, we create a complementary video about the Top 5 Reasons To Do Business with Your Company similar to the sample video above.  It will be enticing and draw your customers to your business. The video will be uploaded onto Youtube and also your onto your blog site.  Specifically we will provide:

Video Creation and Optimization













The Brand Booster establishes special attributes of your company and showcases your offerings. Brand Booster gives your customers an inside look into why they should do business with your company. 


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