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Project Management Tips: Stop Using Emails and Take Action

It’s easy for people to fall into the trap of actually managing their projects through Emails. And why not? It’s a one time login thing where everything is already in there. Each tasks and instructions are sent back and forth, no problem. But think for just a minute about it, of the last 10 emails [More]


Creative Writer Workshops With Valuable Insights at Timegate Con

Author-screenwriter, Diana Botsford “Creative Writing Workshop” at Timegate Con in Atlanta Georgia May 28, 2011. Diana’s theatrical credits include visual effects directing and supervision for a wide variety of films, including Nightmare of Elm Street VI, From Disk Til Dawn, Terminator 2 and many indie films. As the head of the Screenwriting Program at Missouri [More]


Top Rankings Dramatically Increase Traffic

Top Rankings Dramatically Increase Traffic Websites with top search engine listings see a dramatic increase in their traffic because 68% of people won’t search past the first page. Locking in on the first page of Google is where you want your website to be – front and center with targeted prospects. If you’re not showing [More]