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How To Secure Your WordPress Site?

Getting a website hacked is occurring more often nowadays. You just have to read the news to know who these high profile hackers are. Hackers like Anonymous and Lulz have dominated the headlines recently hacking high profiled websites such as government websites like the CIA. Then there are those low profile hackers who hack ordinary websites. If you own WordPress sites for quite a while, chances are, you had experienced being hacked. If not then you are one of the lucky ones. Although the only fool-proof way from getting hacked is to disconnect your computer or server from a network, there are other ways in order to make your website more secure than it is now.

Here are 11 ways that you can use to secure your WordPress blog.

How To Secure Your WordPress Site

1 – Encrypt your login

Your password is sent unencrypted whenever you login. If you are on a public network, hacker can easily ‘sniff’ out your login credential using network sniffers. So it is always good to have your password encrypted as you login. A plugin that does this task is the Chap Secure Login plugin. This plugin adds a random hash to your password and authenticate your login with the CHAP protocol.

2 – Use a strong password

Even though your password is being encrypted as you login, if you use common or easy to guess password then you are not in a better position. Ensure you use a strong password that is difficult for others to guess. A strong password is usually characterize by making use a combination of digits, special characters and upper/lower case to form your password. You can also use the password checker on WordPress 2.5 and above to check the strength of your password.

3 – Change your login name

The default username is admin is widely known to hackers so it is essential to change the login name. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Users and set up a new user account. Give this new user administrator role. Log out and log in again with the new user account.

Go to Users again. This time, check the box besides the admin user and press Delete. When it asks for deletion confirmation, select the “Attribute all posts and links to:” and select your new username from the drop down bar. This will transfer all the posts to your new user account. Press Confirm Deletion.

4 – Define user privilege

If there is more than one author for your blog, be sure to define what the capabilities or role for each user group will be. This will give you the ability to control what users can and cannot do in the blog. It’s bad practice to assign all of them the administrator role as this gives them a lot of power and control over your website.

5 – Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and plugins

The WordPress team are continually improving the security of WordPress itself as they also fall victim to hackers. Having the latest version of WordPress always contains bugs fixes for any security vulnerabilities.

6 – Backup your WordPress database

This is perhaps the most important pointer of all. When hackers take your site down, at least you can have the security of restoring its last known working version. Ask you web hosting provider if they backup you site. Otherwise there are plugins that can do the backup for you.

7 – Remove WordPress version info

The more information that you give to hackers the better they can prepare for a hack attack. Some WordPress sites/themes include the WordPress version info in the meta tag. Hackers can easily get hold of this information and plan specific attack targeting the security vulnerability for that version. To remove the WordPress version info, log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Design->Theme Editor. On the right, click on the Header file. On the left where you see a lot of codes, look for a line that looks like:

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress <?php bloginfo(’version’); ?>”


Delete it and press Update File. In WP2.6 and above, WordPress automatically includes the version in the Wp_head section. To fix this, you can simply install the WP-Security Scan plugin.

8 – Protect your wp-admin folder

Your wp-admin folder contains all the important website information and it is the last place that you want to give access to others. Use AskApache Password Protect to password protect the directory and give access right only to authorized personnel.

9 – Hide your plugins folder

If you go to your, you can see a list of plugins that you are using for your blog. Be sure to hide this page by uploading an empty index.html to the plugin directory. Open your text editor. Save the blank document as index.html. Using a ftp program, upload the index.html to the wp-content/plugins folder.

10 – Perform a regular security scan

Install the wp-security-scan plugin and perform a regular scan of your blog setting for any security loopholes. This plugin can also help you to change your database prefix from wp_ to a custom prefix.

11 – Stop brute force attack

Hackers can easily crack your login password and credential using brute force attack. To prevent that from happening, you can install the login lockdown plugin. This plugin records the IP address and timestamp of every failed WordPress login attempt. Once a certain number of failed attempts are detected, it will disable the login function for all requests from that range. (John Chow)



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Project Management Tips: Stop Using Emails and Take Action

It’s easy for people to fall into the trap of actually managing their projects through Emails. And why not? It’s a one time login thing where everything is already in there. Each tasks and instructions are sent back and forth, no problem. But think for just a minute about it, of the last 10 emails you received, how many helped you to complete a project? Not a lot rigt?

According to a great article I’ve read at Stop Using Emails and Take Action :

“A recent study from the McKinsey Institute showed that the average worker spends 28 hrs per week looking for information to help get the job done, including more that 8 hrs per week just looking through old emails thread. We could all use that extra time.


In an effort to reduce the noise of emails you receive and to keep the conversation in the right place, you can use Producteev to turn talk into action items within the tasks and notes. Not only you can discuss and store information with your action items, you can also collaborate on documents and attach any type of files!”

Indeed Project management is one of the most challenging tasks out there and email alone is not enough. Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner or a fortune 500 CEO it comes in handy to know what is required and needed in order to manage a client’s project successfully. Fortunately, you dont need to deal with Project management alone because help is readily available online. There is a huge variety of project management applications out there. There are free and paid versions and there are some that just stands out from the rest like Producteev. It is my choice of Project management tool.

So stop using emails to manage your projects, get a project management tool and be more productive! Cheers for more success! (Producteev)



“Stop Using Emails and Take Action.” N.p., n.d. Web. <>.


SEOPressor—What’s New about This WordPress SEO Product?

WordPress is decidedly one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world today. Even though it is not a free platform, the professional manner of this platform is what makes it more popular. And that is the reason why a lot of online business entrepreneurs are using WordPress. As a consequence of that, several tools have been released in the market today by which people can enhance the prospects of their WordPress blogs, and SEOPressor is one such tool. Being a new entrant into this genre, we felt it apt to check out SEOPressor and find out if it is really worth all the talk that is going on about it.

What we found out, after testing the product for both performance and efficiency, is that this is a product that’s well worth all the investment made in it. In any case, people are always looking out for the best possible search engine optimization for their business website, and the fact of the matter is that WordPress SEO cannot get any better than what SEOPressor can provide. If used correctly, SEOPressor won’t just bring a WordPress website to the top page of search engines but it will also bring it to the top of the top page. Results can be expected to figure within the top 3 on the first page.

Here we shall take a look at why SEOPressor can achieve that. It’s a fact that this is one SEO tool that works in a very different way from other similar products. Let us tackle these differences one after the other.

The Analysis

SEOPressor depends on a factor known as the SEO Score for calculating the worthiness of a particular website. What it will do is it will take some parameters into account and decide whether a particular website will rank well on search engines or not. This score is a very unique aspect of SEOPressor and the best thing about it is that its results correspond exactly with what a superlative tool such as Google Analytics will show you.

The Suggestions

SEOPressor almost dissects your WordPress website and tells you things about it—innermost details that if you pay attention to could improve the prospects of your website to an amazing degree. It will tell you, for instance, if your keyword is placed in the right position or not, and what a better position would be. It will tell you about what kind of format you need to use for your titles—H1, H2 or H3—and it will tell you how the graphics on your website are influencing the prospects of your website. SEOPressor doesn’t just tell you about your mistakes, but it will also tell you the solutions and will offer to do them for you as well. This is one software application that allows you to sit back and relax as it continuously keeps monitoring your website and tells you exactly what you need to do in order to bring up the ranking of your website.

The Newness Factor

This is one thing to consider. The product is quite new, and even WordPress is continuously changing, which makes it definitely a good thing to be new. For instance, SEOPressor is already compatible with the new WordPress 3.0, something that most other WordPress search engine optimization tools on the Internet are still trying to come to grips with.

The Convenience

This is what made this tool a big hit in its initial days. Even now, after several modifications, the plug-in remains just as easy as it was earlier. There’s nothing you need to install; it is just a simple download that you have to do. Despite the program itself being very complex, you don’t need to be a technical whiz to figure it out. The developers have tried to keep their program as much self-driving as possible.

The Secret Algorithm

Since its release, people have wondered about how the results of SEOPressor can match so perfectly with the results of Google Analytics. Only recently was it announced that SEOPressor uses a secret algorithm that works in the very manner that the Google search engine works to rank its websites. Using this particular algorithm, it is almost a no-brainer for SEOPressor to understand what it actually takes for a website to shoot right up the rung on the Google search pile. This is the one thing that has made SEOPressor so famous.

The Developer’s Reputation

SEOPressor has been designed and developed by Daniel Tan, who is one of the greatest search engine optimization gurus in the world today. He has developed successful programs in the past such as the Backlinks Syndication System, the Rank Mover, the Ultimate RSS Joiner and the Press Release Cash Cow. All of these have been quite commended in the online world, which is the same thing that is happening with SEOPressor currently.


Creative Writer Workshops With Valuable Insights at Timegate Con

Author-screenwriter, Diana Botsford “Creative Writing Workshop” at Timegate Con in Atlanta Georgia May 28, 2011. Diana’s theatrical credits include visual effects directing and supervision for a wide variety of films, including Nightmare of Elm Street VI, From Disk Til Dawn, Terminator 2 and many indie films. As the head of the Screenwriting Program at Missouri State University, her recently completed written work includes the SF novel,Critical Past, and the comic book series, The Fracture.

Diana Botsford

The workshop helps writers learn more about the writing process. Each year at Timegate Con Diana provides helpful critique to those who submit a one page proposal for a TV series, a film, novel, or web series online. For writing proposals, Diana recommends double spacing, use the courier new font, and write with a sense of pacing, pattern, and rhythm. She explains how writer’s should use a short and concise elevator pitch with an agent or others who might be interested in learning about the project. The written piece has three main sections, reaction, dilemma, and decision. One of the writing tricks is that 9 out of 10 times “had” isn’t needed. Stay focused on the purpose of each scene by showing the characters moving forward with each word. “Less is More” and implied writing is key. Every story needs two pinch points per act. During the critique, Diana asked four questions about the main characters. What is the best thing and the worst thing that can happen to the character and what internal and external dilemma is the character going through.

Diana recommended tools to assist writers include:

Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction (MFA) program recommended by Diana Botsford at Timegate Con 2011

Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction (MFA) program, as one of the only programs in the country that teaches writers to create – and market – fiction that sells.

Write Way Pro Software recommended by Diana Botsford at Timegate 2011

Write Way Pro Software is similar to Power Writer but simplified. On the left was the outlining interface, which was composed of Acts/Chapters/Scenes. For the writing purist it has a place for detailed character profiles, notecards, all that details to writing effectively. It’s a small program, and it starts and runs fairly quick.

Diana Botsford recommends - The Writer's Journey - at Timegate Con 2011

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure For Writers is a popular screenwriting textbook by writer Christopher Vogler, focusing on the theory that most stories can be boiled down to a series of narrative structures and character archetypes, described through mythological allegory.

Diana's Cherry-Picked List of Screen Play Contests recommended at the Timegate Con 2011

Diana’s Cherry-Picked List of Screen Play Contests: winning screenplay competitions is a very positive boost to the ego, but in the end that takes second position to the primary purpose: the EXPOSURE you deserve for winning. If done right, the competition is judging you on your talent from a level playing field. There’s a ton of competitions out there – the trick is finding the right ones or, to be blunt, finding competitions which aren’t a scam. With that in mind, here’s a cherry-picked list I’ve built up over the past few years. While there’s certainly hundreds more out there, this Baker’s Dozen represents legitimate competitions with definite endgame value.


Top Rankings Dramatically Increase Traffic

Top Rankings Dramatically Increase Traffic

Websites with top search engine listings see a dramatic increase in their traffic because 68% of people won’t search past the first page.

Locking in on the first page of Google is where you want your website to be – front and center with targeted prospects. If you’re not showing up on the first page of the Google searches, then it’s time to update your marketing strategy.

Natural or Organic Search verses Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Natural Search offers better overall credibility, branding, and affordability. With GoogleJets natural rankings, your site increases in rankings over time, and you gain the advantage of people on the Internet paying attention to you. “36% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top brands in their field” (Ibid, 2006). And natural search optimization is typically a lot cheaper than Paid results.

The challenge – and the opportunity

How competitive has the fight for first-page search results gotten? Today there are more than 14 billion Internet searches conducted each month, according to comScore, and Google has reported that its index includes more than a trillion pages. SEO analysis regularly shows 10,000 to 500,000 search results for each keyword.

Increase Your Traffic by Being On The 1st Page of Google

Our goal is to get you on the 1st page of Google and increase traffic to your website. As you weave your way through the many proposals you see, there are many choices to navigate your Internet marketing campaigns. Are you choosing to spend the direct and expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing dollars, which stops producing when you stop paying? Or are you going to the 1st page position naturally using GoogleJets, which is designed to keep growing even after the engagement is complete.

Through our combined experience of more than 20 marketing years and proven processes and results, we continue to develop and perfect Internet marketing strategies to dramatically boost targeted traffic to our clients’ sites both nationally and internationally.

Digital PR: Building Your Company’s Reputation Online

Build your company’s brand name to attract high-level technical job candidates and employers. This requires a repetitive and integrated campaign to send to all public. By maintaining a strong brand, your company will attract the best, and highest-quality technical job seekers and companies seeking candidates. They will recall your company’s name at the top of their minds — and should they be looking for a high-level technical job or seeking candidates, they will think of you first.

Protect Your Online Reputation with Search Engine Reputation Management

Reputation management is not a new concept since everyone from Fortune 500 companies to plumbers to the gas station on the corner relies on their reputation to protect and enhance their livelihood. Reputations sway public opinion, positively or negatively affect careers, and have a tangible impact on the success of any enterprise whether it’s been around for three months or three decades. Warren Buffet once said, ”It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

It’s a fair assumption that he wasn’t talking specifically about online search engine reputation management but this maxim certainly applies. The Internet provides countless opportunities for people to share their views with the rest of the world and the fact that they can do so anonymously presents a unique set of problems if what they post online is derogatory.

Unflattering information, factual or otherwise, can show up in natural search engine results whether a Web user is looking for it or not and influence purchasing decisions, personal views, and sully the reputation of people, products, and institutions. There’s not much that can be done to prevent this but when it occurs, there are options, which can substantially reduce how easy it is to find online.


Approach to Search Engine Reputation Management

Many of the same strategies, which are effective for Internet marketing, can be applied to online reputation management and our firm has the expertise and experience to move negative information off the first page of search engine results and make it difficult to find online. We help companies of all kinds enhance their online marketing and our online reputation management can:

  • Protect brand integrity.
  • Enhance your online image with positive information.
  • Proactively control any future issues.
  • Identify the sources of any problems.
  • Craft a comprehensive strategy to counter the problem’s effects.
  • Reduce the visibility of the negative information.
  • Build your online reputation to attract more clients.

Many companies and individuals wait for an online reputation management problem to occur before they take positive action to rectify the situation. This puts them in damage control mode where their options are more limited and the negative information can linger for a longer period of time. It’s a much better idea to add online reputation management as a tool in marketing and brand-building efforts so that if a situation would arise, positioning for quick direct action is already in place.

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